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    Also of mir items getting buffed I'd recommend doing this as a new item set and not buffing what's in-game already.

    Adding a new harder em with a new mir set would be better aimed at the 55 + but ain't able to be soloed by a monk and would take a group to kill.

    In terms of catching up as well I feel for sins and archers. Hlc added and warriors monks wiz can level extremely fast in here. Whilst taos sins and archers need to find a group. Sins need a 3 space D'S type spell that is say 50% of current damage of double slash.
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      Dude everyone has a equal opportunity to kill evil Mir and get Mir items. Just because I spent the time to get a few items u think it's selfish of me to ask for buffs. What logic is going on in ur brain that u think a Mir ring should be worse then a tae Guk ring? The jealousy is so strong ur willing to see decent items go to waste just so I don't use them! Your pathetic


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        Make a new evil Mir go on just as far away as the existing one and I'll farm the fuck outta that aswell


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          lol just lol.

          You knew that stats of the mir items when you went out and "farmed it" Now you have farmed it and almost got an entire set you want a "buff" I don't hunt evil mir because i know its current stats and it don't benefit me. You want a buff to a item that has been around since euro with the same stats. Lets buff violet rings whilst were at it. The boss that is solo able... why should these items be epic? You want a pucka set bring in a EM that takes a group to kill and not just a level 60+ monk..

          You have answered your own question as well "just because I" You think its selfish of me to ask for buffs" Yes I do. Because it is only you who's doing it, your the only person who is gonna to benefit in the short term making it a selfish choice for a buff. If half the server had mir items then it wouldn't be selfish.


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            plenty of people have mir items lol


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              Originally posted by Pukks View Post
              Make a new evil Mir go on just as far away as the existing one and I'll farm the fuck outta that aswell
              That's the spirit

              Originally posted by Rev

              It's hard to sour like an eagle while surrounded by turkeys