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  • Neglect

    GMs please can you address the situation of the server at the moment? The user count is consistently higher than it has been for along time, but there seems to be 0 interaction from the staff as to what is going on and the high player base seems to be solely player driven at the moment.

    It is more than reasonable to have real life commitments or have reasons that you are unable to dedicate time to the server, that is fair and no one should pass comment on that. But what is not fair is the lack of a statement acknowledging this. People are putting time and money into the great game you've created but there seems to be nothing back.

    With the recent post from a GM who hasn't posted in what would seem to be over a year, the constant forum lurking of LCD, and the apparent dissapearance of Sam. Could there at least be a statement of intent made so the player base know what is going.

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    He doesn't need to make any comments. It's very, pain stakingly clear that he doesn't give a shit any more. That might sound harsh or rude, but it's the cold hard truth. We all said this in January when he posted once a month, and people seemed to think it'll change as time went on.

    Sams been online loads, but never responds to anything. What does that tell you? To me it says that he couldn't care less, happy just taking everyone's money and letting the server go down the pan. I'm fully expecting the usuals to pipe up, and try defend him. But there's really no excuse for 6 months of no response and ignoring everyone when they tag him in stuff.

    Again I dont mean to sound harsh or bitter. But it's just the way it is. The 2 options are to carry on playing the same old content till you're maxed out and make another chara, or to give up with the server like the majority of people have.


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      Originally posted by Iluvmeer View Post
      He doesn't need to make any comments. It's very, pain stakingly clear that he doesn't give a shit any more.
      He never gave a shit. It's not a recent thing, he's been exactly the same for the last 3 years.

      It doesn't matter if he doesn't reply, you're all still donating and putting money into his pocket.

      He "made an effort" when it looked as though a few people were coming back. Now he's done his usual houdini act again. When I say made an effort, we are not exactly talking game changing updates... he merely sorted a few bugs out that have been around for a long time.

      I'm sure he makes enough money from his job to not have to worry about the income from this server. This is all just a bonus.

      He doesn't need to make a thread to tell you all - history is just repeating itself. Open your eyes. Play for fun and live with it.


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        As Tori said. Play if u enjoy it. Dont expect anythin from staff though


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          lilcooldoode Hi


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            Samuel !@ LF ACTIVE GM PLZ

            Originally posted by ^__^

            Even Destiny manages to get through on her own...


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              Stop living in a dream world. The staff (if they havent all left) dont want to talk to you because all they get is abuse anyway. There are so many unfixed bugs. Sins n ghost. Luck7 Sam never played mir. Long as people keep givin him money and long as others can make extra selling stuff in time for xmas it will keep on. You are still here as are 50 odd other people.