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Server reboot tomorrow at 9am (Server Migration).

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  • Server reboot tomorrow at 9am (Server Migration).

    Hey All,

    Tomorrow we will be rebooting the server and at the same time migrating it to a data centre in London (We have been using a data centre in northern France for the last 3 years).

    Hopefully, this will mean that those of you who have been experiencing some form of lag will no longer be lagging AND everyone (at least everyone in the UK) should have a better ping... Mine for e.g. came down from about 34 to 11.

    In addition to the server migration, we will be prototyping a new feature that will enable you to rotate skill sets... It is still in fairly early development and I really want to create some sort of graphical interface to display what set you are using, but the concept is as follows:

    Each skill set will allow players to assign F1 to F8 keys to skills. Players will have up to 4 skill sets which can be switch between by pressing CTRL 1 to 4.

    E.g by default I might have Fireball assigned to F1 and if I press F1 I will cast a Fireball, I could then press CTRL + 2 and assign Repulsion to F1 and if I press F1 I will cast repulsion... If I then press CTRL + 1 and then F1 again, I will cast Fireball and so on.

    As I said earlier this is still in a prototyping phase, I think the core functionality works, but we still need to complete the interface side.

    The reboot is going to take slightly longer than usual, we are hoping to have it back up by lunch (12pm).