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char freezing in lures

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  • char freezing in lures

    Has anyone else experienced their char freezing after running into mobs recently?

    some people in guild have noticed it, others don't.

    basically if I am running along, then run directly into an obstacle such as a mob, my char will lock-up for a second or too, before allowing me to navigate around the obstacle. (by this point the mobs have usually surrounded me rendering me stuck)

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    Yep, been happening all the time since Sam was trying to sort the lag out 2 weeks ago.


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      aye its worse now than ever was around the v5.7 when it started i think
      Originally posted by Rev

      It's hard to sour like an eagle while surrounded by turkeys


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        Same bug as reported in this thread:

        Samuel can we get an update on this (and rt/tt delay / disable benes not working)? It's been broken for two weeks now. Even if it's just a client update to roll back the changes that caused these bugs so you can go back to the drawing board with them.
        Originally posted by Lkira
        put your nose between Sams buttocks ass and continue digging


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          I also get this too very annoying