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  • Ancient Zuma Temple


    Could you please review this cave.

    People between lvl50-60 ideally want to use this cave to catch up the higher levels and participate in the game and although the EXP is decent in here, the pot drops are poor and the mobs take a fair bit of killing. My char is fairly decent kitted too.

    I've purchased a 2k GG token (which I think is pricey expecting 60minutes of access to the cave as stated on the token description; "A token will grant you 60 minutes of access to an ancient temple", however after 25mins I'd burnt through a bag full of pots and could no longer progress in the cave. TT'ing for a repot I then clicked on the NPC to find that I could no longer access the cave (even though the token states 60mins of access this is obviously a one time only access).

    Groups are extremely hard to come by if at all for a lvl 50-60 cave so thats out of the question, therefore I am forced to solo in this cave, however 2k gamegold for 25mins of cave is by no means a good deal and I certainly wont be buying any more tokens until the false advertisement of the token is addressed.

    Any comments appreciated Samuel

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    Cave should be open for 60 min time limit meaning you can report.

    Hopefully gm will change soon


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      Yeah this is dumb. It should be 60 mins access regardless of whether you repot/die/lagout Samuel.
      Originally posted by Lkira
      put your nose between Sams buttocks ass and continue digging


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        Originally posted by BadBoy View Post
        Yeah this is dumb. It should be 60 mins access regardless of whether you repot/die/lagout Samuel.
        Lost 2 tokens now through server being wank while I'm in APT...Then when you finally get back on server you can't get back in


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          Yea I think adding in an hour long buff timer that lets you enter whenever the buff is active will do the trick, will be nice to know how long you've got left as well. Would also be nice if it continued on logout like exp pots as after 30 minutes something could come up meaning you need to logout and 2000g is a decent whack.


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            Will try and rethink how this works between now and our next release.... I haven't been able to get as much done as I have wanted to, but I can see how this is a frustration.



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              And for the people that have already wasted gg?


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                Is this cave going to be made free or least have a 1k gg charge ?


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                  For the holidays... #aztfree40-60