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  • suggestions to gain user count

    1. add rebirth system so that high lvl players eg 60+ can rebirth for added stats and or game credits
    2. add rebirth caves for players that are re birthed only
    3. make guilds smaller say max of 30 so no 1 guild can over run server
    4. have a day to day sign in perk getting better each day eg gg items for free
    5. add gold options to gg shop on some items so casual players can benifit to some of the gg shop
    6. new group only bosses for re birthed players, so that monks cannot solo every boss in game so boss would require hits from wizzy mele and monks with buffs and heals from tao
    7. re advertise on lomcn
    8. add day events via robot say likes of crazed chickens ( the mistory cave version) invading towns drops would be say 2k gold from most gems from say 10% weapons 5% super rairs less than 1%
    9. have a gm visible on and pm able at least once a week, to address likes of bugs concerns etc
    10. 2 for 1 deals say once every so often on gg purchases

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    GMs openly admit they have finished with this server. They are only keeping it alive till the money stops coming in. There's not even 20 active users.