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  • hey all

    Hey everyone,

    Came across you guys on Google and I am looking for a fairly active server to join. I have not played since 2003 and wanted to recapture the enjoyment I once had. Is the server based on the Mir2 or 3 game? Looking forward to hearing from you all

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    Unfortunately you are about 2 years too late. In its prime this server had over 200 active users and was very fun. It did a great job of capturing the early euro mir 2 feel, but still had a natural progression to keep it interesting.

    Now, however due to a lack of commitment from GMs the server has died a death and has a user count of sub 20.

    Perhaps if you are looking for some Mir nostalgia you should check out the LOMCN, forums as theres a few decent active servers on there at the moment.


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      Thanks for the response. Just heard from them, and they have recommended Valkyrie for a Mir 2 server. Also come across Hispared that looks active so going to have a hunt around


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        Its a shame you didn't find this server earlier, as it really was good fun


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          Samuel lilcooldoode Hazuki MiloFoxburr