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Tweaks to ease client lag and potentially increase FPS

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  • Tweaks to ease client lag and potentially increase FPS

    Hey All,

    We are continuously working on the performance of our client and we are likely to be making some further adjustments over the upcoming weeks, however, here are some potential tweaks/tips to try and get the most out of our client.

    If you are interested in what your FPS is in game type the following and then hit enter:
    /check debug screen

    Use Windows 7
    I know this sounds a little drastic, but our performance testing has shown best results when being used with Windows 7. As a development team we develop, test and optimize on Windows 7.

    Use Aero Themes
    Ensure that Aero themes are installed and are being used, these are optimized for Windows 7 and can free up resources that the client can then consume:
    • Open Personalization by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type personalization, and then click Personalization.
    • Under Aero Themes, click Windows 7.

    Adjust Performance Settings
    Many laptops will automatically adjust power settings when running off the battery instead of the mains power (this will drastically under clock your CPU and forcibly reserve resources in an attempt to save battery power), we recommend playing whilst plugged into the mains and adjusting your power settings for high performance.
    • Open Power Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, and then clicking Power Options.
    • Under the plan that you want to change, click Change plan settings.
    • On the Change settings for the plan page, adjust the settings for High Performance on both the battery and plugged in sections.

    Multi Core CPU Affinity
    If you have a multi core processor you will be able to set which core you want Mir to run on. The Mir client will only ever run on a single core, so you want to tweak which core it runs on to ensure it has the maximum resources available to consume.
    • Open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del).
    • Find the Mir Chronicles Application.
    • Right Click it and select "Go to process".
    • From the Processes window, Right Click the mir2.exe process and select "Set Affinity".
    • Select the CPU with the least processes running on it e.g. "CPU 1" and click OK.
    • Alternatively, you could edit other processes and set the affinity to only use the Core that Mir isn't running on (e.g. CPU 0).