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Future of Mir Chronicles

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  • Future of Mir Chronicles

    Hey Mirians,

    So I think we can all agree now that this server is nearing the end of its life - when I say this I mean in terms of game play (this is not a closing down post). Apart from the occasional returning player looking for some nostalgia I think near everybody in the Mir community has done their grinding time here at some point and has enjoyed Mir Chronicles.

    With this in mind I think it is now time to progress the server into its final stage, what the Chinese call a "fast-food server". What this means is allowing players to be able to level up, and kit up very quickly so that they can get straight into the PvP and boss contesting part of the game. So here are my proposed plans for the very near future:

    - All current instances will have their cooldown reduced
    - Instances adding for the following bosses: DemonKing, HellBringer, OrcWarlord, ZombieMaster

    The thinking behind these is that it will inject a faster flow of items into the game up to level 55 tier kit, making the items easier/cheaper to come by - thus allowing more people to gem these kits up and stand some kind of chance in the top end PvP.

    - A rota'd 'super boss' system whereby all current older bosses ingame will spawn a super version of itself that will offer the same challenge/reward as bosses such as Tadanga, CursedWitch etc
    - Revised drop rates for current top tier bosses

    The thinking behind these ones is much the same, aswell as having a shorter period of time between the next contestable boss spawn, it will inject more top end items into the game with the idea of allowing people to take more risks in gemming them.
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