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Update reboot 01/03/2020

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  • Update reboot 01/03/2020

    Taken from LOMCN:

    @Lilcooldoode managed to finish off some work earlier so surprise update today at 11:30
    1. Several larger resolutions now supported (up to 1080p); although visibility is not limited spell range is and you will recieve a message in chat if target is too far away. Pressing Z key ingame will give a visual indicator of how far your spells can reach. Please report any spells you think may not be working correctly after this update
    2. New lib format introduced which will decrease loading times of images ingame and improve Client performance
    3. 800x600 resolution sent back to the year 1995
    4. Mini interface dropped
    5. Font not showing question marks fixed
    6. Stop weapon dura wrapping back to 0 when going above 65 (Capped to 65)
    7. Fix web browser disappearing when you click screen around it