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    Hi GMs,

    I expect this to get ignored but its worth a shot.

    I know this server is a long time dead now, but is there anyway your server files be given to someone else or sold to someone else to develop and continue Chrons. Contrary to popular belief, I know people who would play this server still, and still come back to it now at this stage, if there was updates every now and then.

    Its worth letting someone else have a try surely?

    In b4, server is dead trolls.

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    I quit this server about a year ago now but I just check back every now and then to see if there’s anything new or if it has been taken over. In my opinion this has been the best private server I had played but I stopped playing when the gm’s gave up. It’s such a shame as it could still be going strong if they could be bothered.


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      Don't think it's a matter of being bothered but more of a matter of having the balls and the decency to deal with the community and the mistakes made, the same is needed to progress with patches. Samuel showed he ran out of the small reserve he had of both very quickly. I can see him telling himself he has rightfully lost interest because people have been dicks to him, but people were actually just being dicks back to his being a full on dick. As a really small example, threads about issues with registering and playing have been ignored for ages now, not to mention the countless bug reports that have been ignored since the start, very good manners there and indeed great sense from who is supposed to be cashing in on having a more functional system.

      Selling the files requires again both of the above attributes, so it's a case of the server staying up until they stop renewing the dedi. Basically as long as people donate there's a small chance it's staying up, although at a fraction of the users there used to be.

      If there weren't groups of players that have grown to be group of people enjoying eachother's company, there would be no users right now, it's a miracle there's still some and again it's only due to having people wanting to play along with eachother. Server's just about 2 or 3 small group exoduses left from dieing out completely.
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        lilcooldoode i see you lurking